Friday, January 11, 2013

looks like love

This laughing couple are my grandparents. I'm not sure what grandpa was doing with his hair but I'm glad he changed barbers.
I do like the flower in his lapel though. Pretty dandy.
And she has a little cluster of flowers at her throat too. Looks like love to me.
Grandpa always had a dear, thin look in suits; so wistfully charming.
And, I love my grandma's jacket. I wonder what color it was. Perhaps she made it while she was at Olds. She was very clever with a needle and could draft patterns out of thin air.
I imagine that this was taken in the early twenties, they were married on Christmas Day, 1923.
He had traveled far from his beginnings in Norway. He was drawn to my grandmother. She surrounded him with the comfort of love and the joy of comradeship.
No wonder they look so happy.
I'd love to know what the photographer said though, wouldn't you?

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