Saturday, November 3, 2012

sure enough

I decided to give Stack and Whack a try. I turned to Google, the source of perhaps not all inspiration, but a pretty hefty dose. An Image Search showed a variation using only four 'stacks' or repeats. Beauty was practically promised. I chose a fabric with a color and print that I had no affection for whatsoever and sure enough, once the fabric was duly 'whacked' and assembled in fourpatches, it took on a life of its own. It was transformed into a kaleidoscope of coordinated blocks; floral wreaths and spinning floral wheels. This technique is called Fourpatch Posies. Who thinks up these names?!


Shari Morehouse said...

so how do you whack fabric exactly. I'm sure it's not how I'm picturing in my mind but my way would be good for getting out your frustrations, lol. it's a beautiful quilt.

Glenda said...

Ha Ha Ha, yes, I wondered if that post would be obtuse to non-quilters. Stack and Whack is another of those cornie quilting terms. Gad, who thinks them up. It is really a very ingenious procedure though. All fabric has a repeat just like wall paper,,,, you know, the same part of the design is repeated over and over to cover the whole piece of fabric endlessly. Anyway, you cut the fabric into repeats, and stack them. Then you whack them. Most stack and whack patterns use diamond or triangle pieces to create a kaleidoscope pattern and I am not mathematically inclined so I averted my gaze from those patterns. When I heard of or rather saw, the four patch pattern using, gasp!! Squares, my heart was filled with joy. I duly stacked and whacked(cut with my rotary cutter) out squares and turned them round and round and round until I settled on the wreath I liked best. So fun really and super simple.
Aren’t you glad you asked?