Wednesday, September 12, 2012

who knows

I felt kind of nervous about quilting my sisters lap quilts.
Loops seemed safe and I dutifully meandered about on quilt one.
I amped things up a notch by using....what!?.... variegated thread on the second quilt.
Still, I wasn't completely happy. Loops need to be smoothly sewn. Pauses and jerks and twitches all show up. What I needed was a continuous line design that included pauses and jerks and twitches. Ahh, I would try leaves. They have a lovely combination of points and smooth corners.
Worked like a charm. I found myself relaxing. I found myself loosening up, unclenching my teeth and breathing in and out. I even found myself feeling bored.
Variety, that's what I needed.
I quilted loops. I quilted leaves. I quilted flowers and a butterfly and a dragonfly. Who knows what I might have accomplished if I'd only had more sisters.

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