Monday, September 3, 2012

cranberry pinwheels

It seemed like a good idea to bake something for my co-workers. Something to share at work tomorrow in honor of the new month.
Bread dough is easy and so I made a batch of plain white dough, about one loaf worth.(flavoured with honey and lemon juice)

I thought to add cranberries and create a rustic loaf.

I'd bake it in the morning and let the dough rise over night in the fridge.
Scratch the loaf idea. They take too long to bake. I'd have to wake with the chickens.
Buns it is!
A rectangle of dough, then butter spread, a sprinkle of sugar and frozen cranberries.
A quick roll into a long pinwheel and onto a buttered pan in slices.

Half the cooking time of a loaf and presto, a pan of Cranberry Pinwheels to drizzle with icing and dash out the door with. 
Won't my car smell good? 

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