Tuesday, July 17, 2012

and slept

Do hide-a-beds really contain a hidden bed?
I've never been convinced of that. Maybe a hidden plank or a hidden hammock or perhaps a hidden set of speed bumps.
I slept this past weekend on a hidden set of speed bumps. It wasn't so bad.
I found that I could curl up diagonally between the rows of bumps and slumber on. Of course, I did wish that I could throw wide the glass door and let in the cooling breath of night air, but I wasn't sure a second floor balcony was a mugger-free zone. What's a little heat when your life hangs in the balance.
By the second night, a reckless courage won. Which posed the greater threat, I pondered? Heat or the open balcony door?
I flung wide the door and slept.

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