Thursday, May 31, 2012


I made a baby quilt once that defied plan A. The placement of color and shape were duly decided upon, but something was lost between the sketch and the sewing machine. Quilters know that two pieces of fabric can be sewn together in more ways than the sides of the pieces combined; One of those mathematical wonders gone wrong.
Not wanting to reverse sew (pick out ), I turned all four corners to match and forged ahead.
When I stood back and surveyed the end result I was astonished to see a giant Irish Chain; a close-up view.
My astonishment came from the fact that I had been enamoured with Irish Chain recently. I had been looking at, thinking about and sketching Irish Chain quilts and all of the variations that seem infinite.
Somehow, my hands and mind communicated with each other and left me out.
I still feel surprised when I think about it.

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