Monday, April 16, 2012

worth the wait

What is your philosophy when it comes to projects on the go; irons in the fire.
My very wise sister, a fellow quilter, takes up her rotary cutter and produces one quilt at a time. She fears that a project left unfinished for a time may remain thus forever.
That future generations will haul boxes of her incomplete quilts off to the Good Will if she is not single minded in her focus.
Her reward for perseverance is getting to start all over; Sort of like planting a garden with one favourite crop.
I found myself admitting to her that I had at least a dozen unfinished projects in various states of completion; Some very green, barely sprouted ones, and some almost ripe and ready.
Since that conversation, I have leaned on my rake and admired a harvest of five. I have also added three more into the row and am shaking the envelope of seeds so to speak.
Creating always yields a harvest and its always worth the wait.

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