Thursday, February 2, 2012

words to live by

As I stood in the soup aisle holding a can in each hand, a store clerk hesitantly asked, "Are you finding everything you're looking for?"
Looking is the problem, I thought to myself. "Yes, thanks," I nodded. "I just wish my eyes were still working."
His face brightened and he strode quickly to my side. "Hold your fingers like this," he instructed, pinching his pointer and middle finger against his thumb. "See that little tiny space here," he gestured. "You just hold that up to your eye and you'll be able to read...." He must have seen my expression because he added somewhat sheepishly, "Of course it looks sort of goofy."
"Oh," I hastened, quickly following his advice. "That's amazing." And then, " I wonder why that works?"
It must narrow the focus I guess, and get rid of the distractions.
Words to live by.

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