Saturday, January 21, 2012

that one

This is a photograph of strangers to me, except for one. That one couldn't be dearer. My father is front row, left.
I stared at the photograph today until my eyes filled with tears.
It seems so surreal that time has passed and this group of friends with their arms thrown tiredly around each others shoulders is gone from that place and likely gone from this earth as well.
Don't they look like they have just had a great time together.
My father spoke with such warmth and happy recall when he saw this picture enlarged on the computer screen.
Those boys shared a place in his joyous recall of Blue River days in his late teens.
He was the new kid in town having moved from Drumheller.
His home life was not an easy one.
A quiet boy, naturally athletic, likeable, funny.
And isn't he handsome? He really did have amazing hair, so dark and curly.
It is his smile that makes my eyes fill.
His shy, gentle smile.

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