Sunday, January 1, 2012

stick to vanilla

I can't believe I need reading glasses.
And I'm so young.
I suppose that is partly to blame for the cookie calamity.
The glasses part, not the young part.
Well, actually, I was tired and not paying attention when it happened. Cooking while tired is not without its hazards.
I dont' believe glasses would have helped after all. We see what we think we see.
I thought I saw almond extract.
It was actually peppermint.
I didn't notice while I stirred and mixed.
It was only upon reaching the heat of the oven that the essential oils did what they do so well.
Of course, as always,  lessons were learned.
I learned that Christmas cookie recipes can not be tampered with.
Once trained, our taste buds become set in their ways.
I learned that we don't like peppermint cookies.
But, my grandchildren, who have taste buds that are still open minded, didn't mind them at all.
And I learned, when in doubt, stick to vanilla.

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