Friday, January 20, 2012

march of winter

Old photos are such a window on the past.
While trolling through family pictures I came upon this one. There are several things to note.
Look at the month printed on the bottom. The camera didn't lie. It was indeed the month of March. In Blue River, March was still the dead of winter.
I am the tiny toddler in the snowsuit with ears. My mother sewed that ensemble out of wonderful woolen fabric, no doubt upcycled from some adult's duffel coat.
My sister is trying in vain to keep me pinned to the sled for the sake of the photographer but I am giving her a run for her money. This attitude was to become a continuing trend.
The little house in the background contained everything I needed to be happy as a child. That childhood happiness, the childhood comfort and joy that rained down on me has sustained me through many an adult dry spell.

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Shari Morehouse said...

i love these old pictures you're doing. I bet you could write a book about your family. Notice how I'm always trying to get you to write a book :)