Sunday, January 29, 2012


History holds a fascination to me.
Our guest at Guild this month collects vintage garments and catalogues.
Now he may be a collector, but he's a storyteller first, and I found myself completely drawn in.
Because he spoke out of his passion, humour was just below the surface adding that irresistible something that is always a part of great conversation.
As he held up dress after dress, passing quickly from decade to decade ever nearer, I found myself remembering my mother's photo album and admiring the outfits.( Men notice the old cars, but woman murmur in admiration over the princess line and matching hat.)
I remember a photo of my mother's sister and friend taken on a long ago summer afternoon.
"Wow, aren't those dresses kind of short?" I teased.
"Dresses?" my mother exclaimed. " Those aren't dresses, they're bathing suits!"

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