Sunday, June 19, 2011

sleeping well

My head left the pillow with a lurch, and like a puppet on a string I found myself sitting up in bed. Loud, nearby snores can cause this sort of levitation.
My husband has a rich and varied repertoire of snores. There is the tennis ball against a chain link fence sound, the coffee perk, the distant lawn mower, and the dreaded fireplace bellows, almost soundless but surprisingly annoying at 2 am.
Last night, roaring was added.
I've tried covering my ears with pillows and hunkering down into the folds of a quilt but sound can travel like xray through feather and fibre.
I have been married for more than three decades and don't recall this moonlight serenade being an issue in the "early" years.
No doubt, at first, sheer exhaustion from rising to the habitual squeaks and peeps of children out weighed it.
And then for some years I enjoyed blissfully sound slumber, revelling in my ability to fall asleep on command and stay that way for hour after dream infused hour.
Alas, the time came when I began to pay for the sins of my youth so to speak. I wasn't comfortable all night on my right shoulder and couldn't lay for long on my left side. A specialist forbade my sleeping on my face which left hanging by my toes like a bat or rolling from side to side like a chicken on a rotisserie
There's nothing like sleeping poorly to make you appreciate sleeping well.

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