Friday, April 1, 2011


"Don't touch him," the doctor instructed. "Is everyone clear?" he asked briskly. We all stepped back. Kathunk!
"Ahh, a perfect sinus rhythm," the doctor crowed.

Heading for the emergency room late at night, we had braced ourselves for a weary wait with a ghastly assortment of sickly companions.
We reported to the front desk, endeavoring to remain philosophical.
Apparently there is something about a fifty-something man presenting with heart symptoms that causes hospital employees to spring into action.
We were ushered straight in to the inner sanctum and given an enviable spot next to the nursing station. An IV was duly installed and blood drawn.
A heart monitor was soon merrily blipping away and oxygen whooshing.
Arrhythmia are fairly common, the doctor explained. Jolting the heart with an electrical charge is like pushing the reset button.
We went for the reset.

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Ken M. said...

Ooooh, do you speak of your hubby? How's he doing now?