Saturday, March 5, 2011

birthday boy

My husband's odometer turned over a click yesterday. A birthday. We thanked him for getting older so that we had an excuse to gather and eat turkey and pie.
Grandchildren have joined the table and I love to watch and listen.
There are usually little stars above my granddaughter's head as she drowsily eats her supper, a morsel at a time.
My grandson miraculously defies gravity by teetering on the very edge of his chair. His eyes are bright with joy; his contributions to the dinner time conversation unique and startling as only a four year olds can be.
There are wonderful compensations for the fleeting nature of life and time. One of them is the joy of seeing our children with their own children. Little children are like concentrated fruit juice. Time will try to water down the intense sweetness, but the flavor that will be, is already there. And such flavors!

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