Wednesday, February 9, 2011

like candy

I was overcome by irresistible temptation in a Quilt Shop. Charm packs are like candy. So delicious. Such variety. I spent a very pleasant few weeks arranging and rearranging the squares, debating the merits of square versus rectangular, pondering quilt, bag or table runner.
Table runner won.
I divided the pack of squares in half by value, dark with light, and churned out hst's. (half square triangles) I had intended to make a pinwheel pattern, but quilt blocks have a mind of their own. This pattern appeared, merged briefly and reappeared. I quickly sewed it up before it had any more ideas. The fabric on the back is so richly patterned and so deliciously red. It  reminds me of my grandmother for some reason. Perhaps the pattern, which is very like crewel has something to do with that.
I feel surprised every time I look at it.
It was a very spontaneous start to the New Year.

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