Tuesday, November 23, 2010

half a mind

Some years ago, before water became a beverage, I had headed for the fridge to slake my thirst. Juice would be just the thing. So refreshing, I thought absentmindedly.
"No juice! You don't drink enough milk," I primly and rather bossily reminded myself.
Retrieving a glass and tugging open the fridge door, I poured a drink and headed down the hallway. When my glass was raised for a sip, my eyes flew open in surprise. I had poured myself juice anyway.
My subconscious mind had won!
I have referred to this phenomenon as being on automatic pilot, but it is really just a case of not paying attention. Not being in the moment.
This failing to pay attention may be why, upon crawling in to bed at night, and putting my mind on scan and seek, I sometimes remember surprising things. Usually things I have forgotten to do.
If you are my husband, I beg you, for the sake of your mental health, read no further. If you are someone elses husband, read on, but be wary.
Late one evening last spring, I slid sleepily into my soft, warm bed. My mind did an abbreviated version of scan and seek. "All the windows in the car aren't closed," my subconscious mind warned.
"They must be," my conscious mind protested. "It's been cool out, of course they're closed, don't give it a thought, la la la la la, I can't hear you."
Torrential rain awakened me in the wee hours.
In the morning, my subconscious mind was proven right, as always. The window had been open just an inch or so. My commute was moist although not as bad as it could have been. The heater set on high didn't cause the windows to fog up, although it did feel like a hot day in July.........
I've heard people say that they have half a mind to do something. My conscious mind doesn't recommend that.

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