Thursday, September 2, 2010


Confession is good for the soul. This is why I feel compelled to confess that I ate four samosas for lunch.

My kitchen is still in a state of reno chaos and sandwich bags and glad containers are elusive. During the morning at work, I felt a growing sense of apathy about my packed lunch, that peaked as I peered into my brown bag at noon. I longed for something warm. Something satisfying. Something filling. I soon found myself standing at an Indian lunch counter clutching my spare change and debating the merits of pakora versus samosas.
Samosas won,......but four?! Deep fried, full of spiced potato and served with a sweet dipping sauce, there is really nothing good, from a health standpoint, that can be said about them. Eating one might be seen as a treat, but four, a death wish.
There was something comforting about eating them, one after the other as I did though. They were warm, and satisfying and very filling.
I have to go now, I feel like going for a long walk................

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Shari Morehouse said...

I shouldn't have read this first thing this morning. Now I want samosas too. But there is no where around here that I know of. One of our East Indian tech guys brings in fresh samosas once a year or so, always a treat. I've only ever eaten two though! Hope the renos are going to done soon.