Thursday, July 8, 2010

the best part

I began my day in the dentist chair. I get the same feeling when I climb into that blue reclining chair, that steals over me when I climb into bed at night, the feeling that at last I can let my mind wander at will without posing a danger to myself or others. I spent a delightful hour drafting, designing and displaying quilts behind my limp eyelids. Still, the best part was the air conditioning. All too soon I was out the door and into the sizzling morning air. Our car is sans air conditioning and is a dehydration chamber on wheels. I was happy to pull up to the mall. I managed to tick a few things off my list, but the best part was the air conditioning. Back into the sweltering car, oh please, not a red light, not a red light! Another stop, a blast of air conditioning, oh bliss! Back into the car, and another stop, a blast of air conditioning followed by a feeling of grim resignation as I drooped into my car and hastened homeward. We watched the temperature rise with morbid fascination, until it peaked for the day at 87 degrees. Dinner out seemed wise. The service was fast and friendly, the food, delicious, but the best part was definitely the air conditioning.


Shari Morehouse said...

So, you need to come and visit because I have, wait for it, air conditioning! Unfortunately it doesn't work in the bedroom but it does make the living room lovely and cool. Feel free to stop by.

Glenda said...

Thankyou, thankyou. I think I could be there in less than fifteen minutes, even less than that if I ignore traffic lights. We spent this evening at a water park belatedly celebrating Oliver's momentous move from three to four. Nice cool evening air. I'm feeling revived somewhat.