Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what's yours is mine

What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours does seem to apply when it comes to my parents dog. This was a mixed blessing last summer, or "the summer of the great flea plague," as it has come to be called. Still, having a dog about the place does have it's rewards......... a strange teenager with one leg over our fence was startled and left stammering when our usually placid, aging dog leapt to her feet with a roar. And, being a dog of few words, she has managed to cow the neighboring dogs into blissfully quiet submission with a few well timed insults. My parents take a walk every day, weather and arthritis permitting and the dog seems to enjoy the routine. She is a senior citizen too, and they make such a lovely trio as they move slowly up the street and back. Dog's really are ambassadors of friendship and my parents have met and chatted with many neighbors because of Taffy. One man in particular seemed quite taken with her. He has an apple tree and my parents have stopped to chat, and admire the fruit as the season unfolds. He always greeted Taffy with effusive praise and affection. Just because dogs can't speak doesn't mean they can't listen and understand. One morning, as usual, the walk led to the foot of the apple tree. Pleasantries were exchanged and then, "Taffy, my love," he cooed, "I could keep you, yes I could." A look of horror passed briefly over her face and she pressed against my Mother's legs. The next day, she seemed anxious as they approached the house with the apple tree and refused to cross the street to walk past it. "Now what could be wrong with the dog?" my Mother wondered. We finally put two and two together, much more slowly than Taffy's arithmetic I can tell you. Although it was probably subtracting, or more accurately, dividing that had her worried.

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