Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mother lode

I had gone hunting for treasure at the downtown thrift shop. I found myself sifting through the books, something I should be strictly forbidden to do; or perhaps a warning gong should sound, or a voice intone......."step away from the books." Treasure is always there for those who seek and sure enough, I hit the mother lode! There, amidst the National Geographics and Harlequin Romance novels was a teetering stack of quilt books. Someone had accumulated a collection of fabulous, expensive, inspiring, quilt books and I alone had happened upon them. I'm a firm believer that anything worth learning can be garnered from a book. I staggered to the till with the works and promptly fell to reading and sewing. My first quilt emerged thanks to the very instructive teaching of a woman with the last name of Mumm.

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